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About Us

Education plays a very important role to be with time in this revolutionary changing era. This College is established not only to give modern education and complete development of Students but also to re-establish Pride, Historical, Cultural, Social, Educational, Religion and Moral History of Prayagraj. The objective of establishment of this college is not to provide only degrees to the youngsters but to make them an ornament that can glow on the bases of Nation’s Social Economical, Humanity, Cultural and Public Governance values. Who can define Nation’s pride and honor? This college foundation is on above-mentioned values.

Our vision is to be recognized this institution as a centre of excellence in this field of education by meeting the challenges of the present and future our aim to provide a “Good quality of education to all” is to unlock the students potential our focus on or to provide effective education through modern technology.

To create such environment by recognizing the innate power of each student thus they could achieve their highest development.
Provide a child friendly, healthy and safe environment that will impower every child to overcome his or her limitation.
Provide a basic concept and make sure that concept are so well under stood that they can intelligently apply them in their life and practical environment.
Our objective teacher here continuously work on creating relation ship, atmosphere of “learning by doing” and create problem solving capability in each student.
We prepare the basic platform that they could be able to face different competitions like civil services S.S.C. Defense services etc.
To work on developing potential through the self development programmes like music, yoga, sports & other cultural and curriculum activities.


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SESSION 2024-25 

 FROM JANUARY 20, 2024


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