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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi, is a progressive board which continuously keeps on populating innovative road map for improving - overall relevant knowledge base of students. Sanskar Public School Baudai, Phulpur, is a member of CBSE board and proudly positions itself as "SCHOOL WITH A DIFFERENCE". Sanskar Public School Baudai is coordinated by CBSE regional office Prayagraj.
School believes in first reducing its energy requirement and then to meet the requirement by Alternate Energy route.
Design of School Building:
In line with concept of green buildings. Sanskar Public School building is designed by taking advantage of natural ventilation and Sunlight to reduce its energy requirement.
Electrical Fittings:
All required electrical fittings are judiciously chosen to reduce electrical energy requirement such as solar fans, LED lights etc.
Power Requirement: Alternate Energy
Having reduced the energy requirement of school, required power is sourced through Roof Top Solar Energy System, a green alternate energy. COMPLETE SCHOOL ENERGY REQUIREMENT IS MET BY SOLAR POWER.

We all are aware about disaster due to scarcity of water staring at us, yet efforts to deal with this fast approaching disaster is inadequate. Sanskar Public School with a view to educate its students and community about value of ground water recharging in meeting with challenge of water scarcity and also to practically contribute a small amount of water recharging to increase ground water has created a rain water harvesting system to accommodate rain water of its campus.

Sanitation is rightly the back-bone of Clean India Mission, however it needs to be sustainable. Sanitation facility operation can be sustainable only when sanitation blocks remain clean and it's only possible to keep it clean if it has assured availability of required amount of water. With a view to educate students and community about a sustainable sanitation block, a Model Sanitation Block is created. It's main feature being integration of solar energy panel to generate electricity which runs a small water pump to pump the water from water source (bore-well, water pipe line, well etc.) to overhead tank of sanitation block, which provides water for flushing as and when required to ensure its cleanliness. Solar system also provides electricity for lighting as required in night.
While we will keep on challenging our-self to keep on adapting more innovative ideas in the interest of students and community, but isn't it enough to proudly presentour-self as “SCHOOL WITH A DIFFERENCE” .

TN TIWARI (B.Tech. Hon. IIT Kharagpur) 
Founder: Sanskar Public School
Baudai, Phulpur, Prayagraj


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